Shelby McQueen on the making of House of Kingdom Couture.Hair®

“Our tagline is, ‘A woman's  crown is her glory.®’ because to me, hair is not just  a woman's crown, it is an accessory that can give a woman a different look an vibe.  — Hair can be simple to extravagant. You can walk into any room and your hairstyle is going to talk, whisper, or scream,   The goal was to create luxurious but accessible hair care products that's high quality, and affordable. Every thing I do carries a message.  Our Hair care has to work as hard as you do, I understand why women wear extension and lashes. You either need   to enhance your look, or cover up troubled areas, Either way, it's an awesome feeling to have your hair in tact an looking like a MillionHEIR when you step out.   

Her 32-year founder dream

“For years, the number one question I've been asked is about my hair  and beauty regimine. So my  creativity as a professional stylist , made me feel obligated  an obligation to share what II know as an Expert in the hair and beauty  industry.  taken  years to realize this dream, because I knew that when we launched, it has to be top- notch.  because it has my name on it. I’ve been involved in all aspects of development. because it is a reflection of my life.

FOUNDER, Shelby Heiress McQueen